Introduction to ENTRÉE Marketing
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The everyday operational demands of running a restaurant, bar, or
nightclub leave the operator little time to think about marketing.
That's too bad - because marketing is the separator. Why do
customers choose one restaurant over another when the food and
service are similar? Simple - better marketing. This book was written
to enable you, the owner, manager or aspiring restaurateur, to
immediately implement changes that will have a discernable impact on
your revenue and profits.

Encompassing four walls marketing strategy, customer motivation,
media selection, advertising concepts, and Pareto's Law, the six
principles of ENTRÉE Marketing will become the blueprint for your marketing plans.







Mason delivers good sense 21st century marketing ideas presented with clarity and humor to make it decidedly useful. You get the feeling that 'I can really do this in my
restaurant' when you read ENTREE Marketing.

Michael Birechenall.
Editor and Publisher. Foodservice Monthly







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